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Avicenna – An Exciting New Partnership

By 21 May 2024No Comments

Avicenna proudly announces an exclusive partnership with Genemind Bioscience Co. Ltd. , Specializing in the independent R&D and manufacturing of molecular diagnosis technology platform centered on DNA sequencing system, GeneMind Biosciences is devoted to constructing a precision medicine ecosystem to serve human life and health through collaboration with genetic testing service providers and medical institutions.

And offers the “equipment-reagent-flow cell-software” total platform solution as the following:

1- Equipment


-Genolab M with output up to 150GB

– FASTASeq 300 with output up to 75GB

-SURFSeq 5000 with output up to 600 GB

And Genemind offers 2 types of Flow cell, Flow Cell -Medium (FCM) and Flow cell-High (FCH):

Sequencer Name   FCM (Data output/FC)  FCH (Data output/FC)

Genolab M              18GB-75 GB                      37GB- 150GB

FASTASeq 300       5GB-30 GB                       12.5GB- 75GB

SURFSeq 5000       50 GB-150 GB               100 GB-600 GB

B- Automated Sample Preparation System

-MrLH-96 Dx (96 sample/run)

2- Reagents

A-Library Preparation

B-Flow Cell

3- Software

The main applications offered by Genemind include:

-NIGM is a form of non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)

-Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy (PGT-A)

-Clinical diagnostic whole‐exome sequencing (WES)

This collaboration aims to make cutting-edge NGS products more accessible across the Gulf region, South Africa, Levant, North, West, and East Africa.

This partnership allows for the utilization of cutting-edge technology in genomic research and analysis.

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