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The AG Holding Group and its partners invest in four key business divisions

Healthcare &

Our story

In 2006, the AG Holding Group started its Biomedical Distribution Cluster through establishing the AGBL Distribution Group which focused on the emerging markets of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Over the years, the Biomedical Distribution Cluster established a strong presence across the MEAA region. The AG Holding Group diversified its investments in the healthcare sector to include Diagnostic and Research Laboratory services. The group also invested in the Diagnostics Products manufacturing space.

The AG Holding Group took interest in the field of data and information technology (IT) with investments in a number companies to solidify its position and vision to lead the data and digital innovation in emerging markets. Today, AG Holding employs the same distribution philosophy of improving lives through science that it began with to make a difference in the health and wellness sector.

Leading the data and digital innovation in emerging markets

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Our people

The AG Holding Group board has more than 100 years of collective experience launching start-ups and growing sustainable, thriving businesses around the world.

We have a diverse team with over 30 nationalities. The management team served in the executive leadership and management of key industry players like Johnson & Johnson Diagnostics, Eastman Kodak, KPMG and Morgan Stanley.





Our global footprint

The AG Holding Group has an extensive footprint across the emerging markets geography

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