AG Holding Group Structure

Distribution, technology, healthcare services and healthcare products


AGBL Distribution Group

The AGBL Distribution Group is the largest biomedical distribution group in the Africa, Middle East and Asia region, the group partners with innovative technology manufacturers to bring their products to emerging markets.

The group’s stated mission is to improve lives through novel biomedical technologies and products.

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  • Board of Directors advisory services
  • Regional M&A services
  • Business management services
  • Emerging markets insights services
  • Focused on Precision Medicine


Avicenna ™

Avicenna ™ is an innovative diagnostic products’ manufacturer that focuses on making products that are suited for emerging markets and addresses regional endemic/

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Alliance Bio

  • Global Life Sciences branded products
  • Access to US market
  • Complements the group branding strategy
  • Offers export services to distribution group

Alliance Bio


Livewellgx™ delivers affordable, personalised, lifestyle and wellness genetic tests, to help consumers “Make the Better Choice” for their lifestyle and wellness.

Agiomix™ Labs

Agiomix™ Labs offers unique genetic testing services to its clinical and research partners and customers, Agiomix™ Labs focuses on areas of Genetic Diseases, Oncology, Reproductive Genetics and Wellness Genetics, offering healthcare providers, partner labs, clinicians and researchers with reliable and quality sample analysis services and reports, through its CAP Accredited and ISO certified Labs.

Agiomix™ Labs aims to make Precision Medicine more accessible to all patients.



Counselomix™ is a unique and innovative digital platform that offers healthcare professionals, clients and patients comprehensive medical and genetic counselling services.

Precision Health Clinix

  • The region’s first dedicated precision medicine clinics
  • Employing clinical genetics, counseling and novel biomarkers to make precision medicine a reality
  • Pioneering preventative genomics services
  • Serves:
    • Neurology
    • Cancer
    • Wellness
    • Pediatrics
    • Women’s health



Litpeaks™ is an innovative digital agency, offering creative and comprehensive digital design and marketing services

  • Website and app development
  • IT Security
  • UX/UI design
  • Branding
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Media Buying & Paid Advertising
  • Social Media Management


ABIOMIX™ is an innovative bioinformatics platform that offers unique tools for clinical and research data analysis as well as report generation for users across the globe.



Timepiece360™ is the first online platform for pre-owned luxury watches across the Middle East. Timepiece360 offers technology driven solutions to make the buying and selling of luxury watches simpler, faster and more transparent.