Rice is adietary staple for a large part of the world’s human population. World production of rice has risen steadily from about 200 million tons of paddy ricein 1960 to 620 million tons in 2007. The Egyptian rice crop is approximately 6.5 million tons, which is of the medium grain variety (5-6 millimeters inlength), the most consumed variety in the world.

The unique texture and taste of Egyptian rice makes its special for stuffed and ovencooked dishes. In Arab cuisine it is used as an ingredient for many soups anddishes that are prepared with fish, poultry, and other types of meat. It isalso used to stuff vegetables or is wrapped in grape leaves. When combined withmilk, sugar and honey, it is used to make desserts. In some regions, bread ismade using rice flour. Rice provides more than one fifth of the caloriesconsumed worldwide by humans. By 2007 annual worldwide per capita riceconsumption stood at 127 kilograms.

With high nutrients, rice is a good source of insoluble fiber and protein, which is also found in whole wheat, bran, and nuts. Rice is rich in carbohydrates, the main source of energy. Rice is low in fat, contains some protein and plenty of 13 vitamins. The nutritional value of rice makes it good for nausea, skin disorders and high blood pressure.

We have been rated within the top three exporters of Egyptian rice for the past five years. Strong demand and our growing reputation of being fast, flexible, and adaptive to an ever growing market for medium grain rice has induced us to build a highly sophisticated rice mill within our premises, adding to the existing twenty five mills running under our management and supervision in Kafr El Sheikh and Bahaira. We have recently purchased Hanalico for Food Industries, a rice mill in El Obour Industrial City, which is equipped with Buhler machinery. The mill is unique in its ability for providing prompt shipments and customized solutions for our customers with maximum efficiency.

AG Holding Group supply and distribute short , mid and long grain rice started by IRRI 6 till 1121, brown rice, Camollino and Jasmine rice as well.

Packing: Polypropylene [PP] double knitted bags or/ and jute bags with net weigh 50 kg –20 kg – 5 kg.

Origin: Pakistan – Vietnam – India – Thailand