Rice — Wheat- Barley -Maize- Rye — Oats etc

Whole grains (Rice – Wheat- Barley -Maize- Rye – Oats………) area source of multiple nutrients and  dietary fiber.They are recommended for children and adults in several daily servingscontained in a variety of foods that meet whole grain-rich criteria as part of a balanced diet from all food groups.

The unique properties of grains slow down their digestion in the human body. This slow digestion allows a steady release of sugar into the blood stream, as opposed to the fast digestion and subsequent release of sugars from over processed and refined grains. Eating whole grains avoids the high peaks and low troughs associated with more refined cereal products that have added sugar. This is how the addition of unrefined fiber rich grains can help against the development and dietary treatment of hypertension, diabetes,and obesity when compared to refined grains, all of which are negative indicators in total cardiovascular health and could result in strokes and heart attacks. Increased fiber can also fight the development of certain cancers.


Rice is central to the life of billions of people worldwide. Rice is the oldest domesticated grain, with genetic evidence showing that it wasdomesticated 14,000 years ago in the Pearl Valley region of China. Rice has fedmore people over a longer period of time than any other crop.

Medium Grade Rice

Egyptian rice is considered medium grain rice which is a variety that is 5-6millimeters in length, and is popular in North Africa, Middle East and theMediterranean region. Egyptian rice has a characteristic of being high in amylpectin, a starchy substance that gives it a unique texture and flavour.Egyptian rice is a japonica variety, the grain after cooking become softer,moister, and stickier, absorbs flavor well. Thus it remains the preferred type of rice for stuffed and oven bakeddishes, risottos, puddings and sushi. Arab cuisine usually uses Egyptian ricein many dishes with meat, poultry, fish, soups, stuffed vegetables and stuffedvine leaves. Moreover, it is used with milk and sweeteners to make varioustypes of desserts. In some regions, rice flour is used in baking bread.

(Egyptian Specifications for rice: 2244/2006 GRADE PARAMETER)

Grade Broken (%) Red Grains (%) Damaged & Yellow Grains (%) Immature Grains (%) Foreign Matter (%) Paddy
Excellent 3 0.5 0.25 1.5 0.03 2grains/kg
1 5 1.5 0.40 2.0 0.05 0.010
2 10 2.0 0.70 3.0 0.10 0.015
3 15 2.5 1.00 4.0 0.20 0.020
4 20 3.0 2.00 5.0 0.30 0.030

Long Grade Rice

South East Asia consider the rice heaven where about 90% of world rice production and consumption and endless varieties of rice collection , include but not limitedto to IRRI 6 / 9 – PR 36/ 64 / 11 / 106 – Swrana -Pusa –Sharbati – Sugandha –1509 – 1121 – Super Kernel – Brown Rice feeding and meeting all market demands in Asia and around the globe.

Wheat – Barley -Maize – Rye – Oats