Mile Stones

We have a heritage of more than 7000 years of illuminated civilization history, which reveals the leading edge in all facets of science and business activities. It is here wefind our roots.

Subsequently we have utilized these roots to enlarge our experience in the international trade environment. We note time, promises and personal esteem are worth more than written commitments, as support for our network of clients and suppliers is globally covered with daily business operations since our establishment in 1964. 

Through out more than six decades of progressive experience in Egypt and the Middle East region, we have developed our business within the markets we operate. When we started in a corner store we had a total capital of $10,000, and we were living the dream of being among one of our nation’s trade corners. The next generation continued working on that dream by developing their personal skills and expanding the market at the same time.


Our mission is to continue to develop and expand our marketsto create further value added business.


Humanity still requires much to develop itself t in all lifeaspects and we shall share in developing the world with both small and largeendeavors ensuring our own share along the way.

Our Strength

At present we have an annual turnover of $ 30Million USD –in the Middle East and African [MENA Region] commodity countertrade exceeding:
50,000 Metric Tons of Wheat per Year.
10,000 Metric Tons of Sugar per Year. 
 5,000 Metric Tons of Pulses per Year.
 3,000 Metric Tons of Beef Meat perYear.  
 1,000 Metric Tons of Rice per Year.
 1,000 Metric Tons of Poultry per year.
 1,500 Metric Tons of Dairy products peryear.
 200 Containers of Canned Food peryea.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We oweresponsibility to:


Government is the extended hand of society wherethey look after most of the nations’ needs. They have the tax rights, qualityand auditing so that is the sphere within where we operate our business. Weoffer all phases of cooperation with local authorities to make sure that theysee, audit and help our business to perform in the way, which respects laws andlocal development plans.


Society has the right to know what we do and howwe operate our business as far as our actions affect their daily food andassets in direct effect. If they trust us by eating or using what we trade inor produce they have the right to awareness of our operations. This is what webelieve and do.


We believe in responsible business that permitssociety to share in any profit. A market is not only where you make money butit is where you should develop, invest and spend money and experience bysharing with the NGO’s and government to build infrastructures and develop poorareas.  This is exactly what we did whenwe shared in organizing the Orphans day in Egypt in 2009 and turned it from a localevent to be on the international Charity Calendar.

The Environment

The world’s environment is the responsibility ofeveryone. As such we endeavor to protect it as much as possible. Our companyhas made the decision to avoid trading in genetically modified food stuffs. Weoperate a paperless company in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Wealso look to do business with companies who use and/or produce renewableresources, use species specific harvesting methods, (e.g. not harming dolphinswhile harvesting tuna) and whose business policies are friendly to theenvironment aligning with our own.

Responsibilityto the Market Development

Market development does not mean you should onlyuse recent technology but it means to match the societal needs and createproducts requested by all the levels of the nations where your business serves.This allows your company to be sure you gave everyone exactly what is requiredand in the same time opens new horizons for creation without insulting orunderestimating any local or international symbols of respect to others andincreases product varieties.

Responsibilityto the Client

Our products are our worldwide ambassadors sothat we keep working on the best quality we can attain to assure through theinternational standards such as ISO – SGS – UKAS – INTERTEK –ICUMSA and manyothers, the quality and nutrition of each item we offer or buy.

Responsibilityto the Staff

Our staff and workers are key to our success and we consider them our partners and a valuable asset.  As such, we owe them the responsibility to develop their skills, provide them the suitable health care and an atmosphere to encourage their professional growth.