Cooked Egyptian Rice with Shaareya

Egyptian rice is considered medium grain rice which is a variety that is 5-6 millimeters inlength, and is popular in North Africa, Middle East and the Mediterranean region. Egyptian rice has a characteristic of being high in amyl pectin, astarchy substance that gives it a unique texture and flavor. Egyptian rice is ajaponica variety, the grain after cooking become softer, moister, stickier and absorbs flavor well.  Thus it remains the preferred type of rice for stuffed and oven baked dishes, risottos, puddingsand sushi. Arab cuisine usually uses Egyptian rice in many dishes with meat, poultry, fish, soups, stuffed vegetables and stuffed vine leaves. More over, it is used with milk and sweeteners to make various types of desserts. In some regions, rice flour is used in baking bread.

Egyptian rice
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