Have you ever added spices in your food and asked yourself which are the world’s most expensive spices? AG Holding has your answer!

Let’s look at the list of world’s most expencive spices and herbs.

In descending order:

5 Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been around for a long time, with the ancient Egyptians using it for its healing properties, its flavoring and its medical benefits. Obtained from the inner bark of trees from Cinnamomum, cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka (best quality cinnamon originates form here), but is also grown in India and Indonesia. Mostly used in cooking for both sweet and savory dishes (visit our recepies page for intresting food recipies with cinamon).

Interesting fact: The Cinnamon Challenge is dangerous, has landed several in the hospital, and can cause long term damage to the lungs.

4 Clove

Native to Maluku Islands of Indonesia, cloves are also grown in Zanzibar, India, Madagascar, Pakistan and also the tropical Sri Lanka for several different purposes, including being an excellent ant repellant. Used since the middle ages for trading, cloves are now considered the 4th most expensive spice in the world.

The intense aroma of cloves are used for flavoring most Indian, African and Middle Eastern dishes, lending its spicy flavor to meats, curries, marinades, hot beverages, spiced cookies and pies using fruits such as apples, pears and rhubarb (visit our recepies page for amazing food recipies with cloves).

Interesting fact: During the bubonic plague, doctors wore beaklike masks filled with aromatic items such as mint leaves, rose petals and cloves because it was believed that the putrid air spread the disease.

3 Cardamom

Native to Southwestern India, Guatemala is said to be the world’s largest exporter and producer of this spice, followed closely by India. Black cardamoms are larger and tend to have a smoky aroma, used for heavily spiced dishes such as curries and briyanis; while its lighter and more common cousin, the green cardamom is pricier by weight and is used to spice the sweet dishes and add flavor to coffees, teas and baked goods (for cardamon recepies check our page and open the door of amazing food recipies).

Interesting fact: The tropical forests of the Western Ghats which is considered to be the very birthplace of the spice is know today as the ‘Cardamom Hills’.

2 Vanilla

Considered the second most expensive spice in the world, this ‘little pod’ (what vanilla means), is everywhere! Cookies, ice cream, desserts and the majority of sweet treats (check our recepies page and discover worl of vanilla). We’re not talking about artificial vanilla or vanilla extracts either, but natural vanilla from Mexico and Madagascar which produce the best quality vanilla pods possible. Why so expensive? Because the flowers have to be artificially hand-pollinated and then once ripened, the fruits also have to be hand-picked. This is a labor intensive process that requires daily harvesting.

Intresting fact: Vanilla beans are native to tropical America. There are over 150 varieties of vanilla orchid plants but only two species are used commercially to flavor and fragrance foods and beverages.

1 Saffron

Did you know that saffron is the most expensive food on Earth, move over caviar and truffles? Native to Central Asia, today, saffron is grown mainly in Spain, Italy, Greece, India and Iran, with the best quality saffron originating from Kashmir. These extremely valuable threads of this red gold (or King of spices as it is also called) have been used for more than 40 centuries by the Persians, Greeks and Romans, and was deemed to be worth its weight in gold. Use for the saffron threads included using it for its color and to spice food, using saffron water to perfume baths, houses and temples, and even using saffron extract as a medicinal narcotic.

Intresting fact: The deadly dose of saffron is as little as 10 grams (3/4 tablespoon).

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Interesting Facts About Herbs and Spices #2
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